More than just a night market

It is the first ever, largest summer lighting show in North America

Along with different themes, copious lanterns and unprecedented scale of lights, which you should not miss this fantastic event. Various exquisite dazzling lighting sets will be shown in the market, weaving a colourful sparkling world.

Lighting Show
The lighting show is definitely a can’t-miss part at the night market. Wander around the night market’s colourful light display with thousands of glimmering lights that range from 0.5m to 2.0m tall. There are six main themes: Butterfly fairy, Giant Rose, Diamond Rings, Shooting stars, Magic balls and Chinese Lanterns.
The lights are stunning especially after sunset, usually after 9pm. Stay around and take many pictures with your love ones! Surprising lighting sculptures are about to come in June, stick around for the news update!

Teddy Bear Theme
Vancouverites has fallen in love with these classic teddy bears at the Illumination Summer Night Market. From the main entrance, walk towards the main stage where you'll find teddy’s home, a little booth stacked full of more than 12 teddy bears which comes in different sizes from mini to large. You can feel the cuteness of those Teddy fully whether to hold or hug, or to take a selfie with your favourite ones. There are large size teddy bears all across the market, each of them will fit into the concept of each zone. The biggest one standing at 2 meters tall at the main exit is the last stop on our “bear”-ing journey.


Illumination Summer Night Market

At Illumination, you have more than 300 different food and drink choices from all over the world! Plus a fun game zone and many unique merchandise items waiting for you to explore!

Food Stalls

Delicious street food from all over the world

Retail and Game Booths

Explore interesting stuffs and game booth

Cultural & Creative Spots

Feeling too full with lots of food? Hang around at the area near the stage to take lots of pictures and inspiration before you go home!

You can also write your wishes on Ema wooden plaque, love locks or postcards and hang it on the designated wall.

Make a wish!
Inspired by Japanese and Chinese traditions, there is a hand crafted Ema Wishing Wall, Love Lock Wall, Wishing Pond and a special "To My Future Self" postcard wall. Make a wish here for you and your love ones!

Illumination is a selfie-taker’s paradise, especially after sunset and all the lightings on. Strike a pose and get the entire backdrop in your shot or take a close-up angle with the spiritual quotes. Don't forget to tag #illuminationbc on Instagram!